Frequently Asked Questions

How does the rush process work?

The rush process occurs in the first month of the semester (this February), and lasts for approximately three weeks. This process consists of a series of events where you can see whether or not this is an organization that fits your needs, and that you can see yourself being a part of. We host social, professional, and community service events to showcase all three of our pillars. If you complete the requirement of attending at least one general interest meeting and two rush events, you may be selected for an interview to become a part of this semester’s pledge class.

What does it mean to rush? And pledge?

As a rushee, you are attending our recruitment events with a prospective interest in joining our organization. After completing the application and completing an interview, we will contact you if you are selected to become a pledge for the remainder of the semester, where you then begin to take steps towards acquiring your membership whilst paving the way towards your professional success in the long-term. There are mandatory internal meetings and events that you will attend, which are intended to strengthen both hard and soft skills that are necessary in today’s business environment. In addition, you will receive numerous opportunities to volunteer on projects and bond with our membership. Membership is instilled at the end of the semester.

What do you look for in a candidate when deciding if they get accepted into the pledge process?

The pledge process is extremely selective, as we strive to select the brightest and most diligent students at Baruch. Our officers plan it for approximately 3 months in advance! We take our work very seriously, so we try to select students that we see the most potential in. Beta Alpha Psi prides itself in creating the future leaders of tomorrow, and that’s exactly what we look for in our candidates. We seek hardworking, confident, motivated, and energized students that have shined through the rush process and are willing to constantly improve themselves. Our pledges should be willing to take everything in as a learning experience, because the growth that happens through the semester is truly rewarding.

What differentiates BAP from other organizations?

Beta Alpha Psi is recognized as a co-ed honors society catering to students who seek to excel in the business world. We are one of only a few organizations that hold a minimum GPA requirement. This helps our members breeze through the initial screening process by recruiters. Additionally, we are the only business fraternity that is specifically tailored to three majors: Accounting, Finance & Investments, and Computer Information Systems. We exclusively devote our resources to these fields not simply out of tradition. Our greatest strengths are vested in the knowledge and experience that our brothers hold in those areas. When you join an organization with this much focus, you can be assured that you will get the specific assistance and feedback that you need towards reaching whatever career or goals you seek out of those majors.

How much of a time commitment is required from me to put into the pledge process?


It depends on the individual. We think of it like taking another class. However, this can be looked at through two different perspectives. It can be time consuming at times, but it is catered to your professional and social development. Instead of thinking about potential struggles, think of it as an opportunity. Baruch is a very competitive school, so you want to be part of an organization that is willing to help you and provide you with support every step of the way. Instead of just getting by, we encourage our pledges to actively improve themselves and take on new challenges in addition to our own requirements. In doing so, you can expect to learn something new every week.

Besides Recruitment, what else does your organization do throughout the semester?

We host numerous professional events with major accounting and finance firms throughout their own recruiting processes for internships and full-time jobs. In doing so, we help strengthen the college’s relationship with professional firms through these opportunities, while offering students a way to meet the firms and decide if they offer opportunities that interest them. We also partner with other clubs and Beta Alpha Psi chapters in volunteering projects across New York City! It is more than rewarding to help communities with fellow organizations that share the same values as ours. If you are interested in working with us for an event or project, please visit our contact page to connect with our Executive Vice President to discuss more.

What kind of experience does BAP offer within the organization aside from just professional development?

Aside from professional development, we emphasize our pillars of Brotherhood and Service for very important reasons. Baruch College is a commuter school. It is quite difficult to get to know students beyond going to class. Organizations on campus are a great way to break through this obstacle. On that note, Beta Alpha Psi is an organization like no other. Our members are selected through a highly competitive process and are the shining stars of a vast network of successful professionals, executives, and educators nationwide. This brotherhood is matchless in comparison to many other resources. Our members are willing to go above and beyond to help you exceed what you think is possible of yourself. In acknowledging each others' accomplishments, it is this motivation and mindset that makes us all succeed and proud to be a part of this chapter. We are not just colleagues; we are friends. And that friendship can expand well beyond college, and for many of our alumni, it has.

Service is very important in the business world, and although firms rightly emphasize corporate social responsibility as a key value, we also find it fulfilling in itself to give back to others, because it provides an eye opening experience unlike any other. Being able to help and improve our communities is something that can truly make an impact at a macro level. We devote so much towards community service because that shared understanding of social responsibility brings our members together through those shared values of service and philanthropy. You will receive countless opportunities to volunteer with us on projects to make your mark on the New York community!

How would you say your college experience changed ever since joining BAP?

Beta Alpha Psi created numerous opportunities for me to polish my abilities and prepare me for the business world. In this increasingly competitive recruiting environment, it is essential to have a network of talented and diverse individuals who can provide you with resources and their unending assistance to seeing you become the best you possibly can. However, more importantly, I have found a place to call home at Baruch. I urge anyone seeking their ticket to long-term success to Rush today!

Arthur Wilson, President (Class of Fall 2016)

I am a graduate student. Can I join Beta Alpha Psi?
Beta Alpha Psi Alpha Gamma Chapter is only for undergraduate students. However, we do have a graduate Beta Alpha Psi! For more information, please visit 



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